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Ships and Shipbuilding:


Ancient Ships

Aircraft carrier (gif)

Attic cup with picture of sailing ship (jpg)

Battleship (gif)

Canoe at Sunderland Museum (jpg)

Caravel (gif)

Caribbean pirate (jpg)

Clipper ship (gif)

Cornwall postcard with smugglers poem (jpg)

Egyptian vessel (gif)

A timeline for the development of ships (doc)

Greek ships (doc)

History of boats and water travel (doc)

History of ships (doc)

Prehistory and antiquity (doc)

Ancient Ships cont.

Floating trunk (gif)

Fragment of the hull of a Greek trading vessel(jpg)

Galley (gif)

Isthmus zoomout (jpg)

Large liner (gif)

Large ship (gif)

Painting of smugglers (jpg)

Pirates (jpg)

Pirate and knife (jpg)

Pirate and treasure (jpg)

Pirates fighting (jpg)

Primitive boat (gif)

Raft (gif)

Replica of an ancient Athenian warship (jpg)

Reward Bill for smuggling (jpg)

Ancient Ships cont.

Roman Ship (gif)

Silhouette 1 (jpg)

Silhouette 2 (jpg)

Skull and crossbones (jpg)

Smugglers at night (gif)

Smugglers caught (jpg)

Smugglers cave (jpg)

Smugglers coming ashore (jpg)

Smugglers in Sussex 1 (jpg)

Smugglers in Sussex 2 (jpg)

Smugglers on the beach (jpg)

Smugglers rest (gif)

Steamship Kernon (jpg)

Submarine (jpg)

Canals and Lakes

Facts about the Suez Canal (doc)

Map of the Suez Canal (doc)

The Panama Canal (doc)

The significance of the Suez Canal (doc)

The Suez Canal (doc)

Environmental Issues

Environmental issues and ship breaking (docx)

Life on Board

Food on board warships in Nelson times and scurvy (doc)

Getting men for the ships (doc)

Life on board ship in 1800 and food preperation (doc)

The Picton Castle 1 (doc)

The Picton Castle 2 (doc)

The story of a man press-ganged in Scarborough in 1665 (doc)

List of Nautical Websites

List of Maritime websites (doc)

List of Maritime websites (docx)

Nautical Terms

Nautical terms and sayings that are often used in life (doc)

Other nautical terms used in the English language (doc)

Navigating the ship

Modern ship navigation (doc)

Navigation equipment on the bridge (doc)

Sea Shanties and Poems

A ballad of John Silver (doc)

A sea shantie about a storm on the Scarborough Coast (doc)

Pirate Limericks (doc)

Sea shanties and the Filey fishermen (doc)

Sea (doc)

Ship Communications

Communications Radio signals (doc)

International Code and Phonetic Alphabet (doc)

Meaning of International Code Flags (doc)

Short and Long distance Radio communications (doc)

Ship Construction

Boat cross section drawing (jpg)

Sailing boat construction (gif)

How ships float and what happens to them in heavy seas (doc)

Rolling, pitching and heaving (doc)

Ship and boat terms (doc)

Types of small boats (doc)

Types of small boats (docx)

Shipbuilding (ppt)

Ship Disasters (Andria Doria)

Grace Darling lesson plan (docx)

The Andria Doria (docx)

The loss of the Empress of Ireland (docx)

The sinking of the City of Benares (docx)

The Costa Concordia 2012 (doc)

The RNLI (pub)

Ship Disasters

A Great Storm off Filey Bridge and a famous rescue in 1799 (doc)

Grace Darling lesson plan (doc)

Lights and Lighthouses (doc)

Scarborough Lifeboat details over 100 years (doc)

The Costa Concordia 2012 (doc)

The Grace Darling Story (doc)

The loss of the Empress of Ireland (doc)

The Rohilla story at Whitby (doc)

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution RNLI (doc)

The sinking of the City of Benares (doc)

The RNLI (pub)

Ship Pictures

Cruise ship side view (png)

Bulk carrier 1 (jpg)

Bulk carrier 2 (jpg)

Bulk carrier 3 (jpg)

Car ferry (jpg)

Cement carrier (jpg)

Clyde Puffer (jpg)

Coastal vessel 1 (jpg)

Coastal vessel 2 (jpg)

Coastal vessel 3 (jpg)

Coastal vessel 4 (jpg)

Coastal Oil tanker (jpg)

Coastal tanker (jpg)

Container ship 1 (jpg)

Container ship 2 (jpg)

Bulk carrier silhouette (gif)

Ship Pictures cont.

Container ship (jpg)

Cruise Ship Columbus (jpg)

Cruise Ship Independence (jpg)

Dredger 1 (jpg)

Dredger 2 (jpg)

Ferry fast 1 (jpg)

Ferry fast 2 (jpg)

Ferry passenger RORO 1 (jpg)

Ferry passenger RORO 2 (jpg)

Ferry river 1 (jpg)

Ferry river 2 (jpg)

Ferry RORO 1 (jpg)

Ferry RORO 2 (jpg)

Fire and Rescue vessel (jpg)

Fishing 1 (jpg)

Fishing 2 (jpg)

Ship Pictures cont.

Fishing 3 (jpg)

Fishing 4 (jpg)

Fishing Aqua Culture (jpg)

Fishing deep sea 1 (jpg)

Fishing deep sea 2 (jpg)

Fishing deep sea 3 (jpg)

Fridge 1 (jpg)

Fridge 2 (jpg)

Fridge 3 (jpg)

Gas carrier 1 (jpg)

Gas carrier 2 (jpg)

General Cargo ship 1 (jpg)

General Cargo ship 2 (jpg)

General Cargo ship 3 (jpg)

General Cargo ship 4 (jpg)

Hovercraft 1 (jpg)

Ship Pictures cont.

Hydrofoil 1 (jpg)

Hydrofoil 2 (jpg)

Launch (jpg)

Lightship 1 (jpg)

Lightship 2 (jpg)

Museum Belfast (jpg)

Museum Chatham (jpg)

Museum Clyde Ferry (jpg)

Museum Clyde Puffer 1940 (jpg)

Museum Clyde Puffer 1945 (jpg)

Museum Dutch Coastal 1931 (jpg)

Museum Humber Ferry (jpg)

Museum Scottish Islands Ferry (jpg)

Museum Tug Liverpool (jpg)

Museum Yacht 1932 (jpg)

Navy HMS Argyle (jpg)

Ship Pictures Cont.

Navy HMS Ark Royal (jpg)

Navy Corvette type HMS Tyne 2004(jpg)

Navy Destroyer French (jpg)

Navy Forrestal 1955 (jpg)

Navy Helicopter Carrier (jpg)

Navy HMS Illustrious (jpg)

Navy HMS Lancaster 1992(jpg)

Navy Mississippi 1978 (jpg)

Navy Patrol Vessel Comoran 2000 (jpg)

Navy Patrol Vessel 1984 (jpg)

Navy Replenishment 1 (jpg)

Navy Replenishment 2 (jpg)

Navy Submarine 1987 (jpg)

Oil Tanker 1 (jpg)

Oil Tanker 2 (jpg)

Oil Tanker 3 (jpg)

Ship Pictures Cont.

Oil Tanker 200,000 tons (gif)

Open hatch cargo 1 (jpg)

Open hatch cargo 2 (jpg)

Paddle Steamer Kingswear Castle (jpg)

Pallet Cargo (jpg)

Passenger 1 (jpg)

Passenger 2 1966 (jpg)

Pollution Control (jpg)

Refuse Vessel (jpg)







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