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Hetton Local and Natural History Society -WW1 Research

These documents are for research only. Please use the website on each page to gain original data.

Anderson Charles Walton
Aspinall Charles
Barnfather Arthur
Bennett Walter
Berrisford Thomas
Best Ralph
Birbeck Frederick
Birch Frederick Norman
Bond Frederick
Bond Michael
Borthwick Edward
Bowden William Henry
Briggs James Bolton
Brown Hunter
Burt Robert Alexander
Borthwick, Walter
Cairns Thomas Wilken
Chicken Stanley
Clarke, Michael
Cook Amos Jones
Cook Robert 26572
Cook Robert 58698
Cowley Nicholas
Cummings, Stephen
Davis, Ralph
Davison Thomas
Dodds, George F
Dodds John
Dodds, William
Dunn, James

Forester Albert Turner
Gallagher, Martin
Gardner, Henry
Gibson George
Guy Robert
Hall Andrew Tait
Hall Charles
Hall Joseph
Harland, James
Hartill Richard
Hourigan, John
Hourigan, Robert
Johnson, Robert
Kay, Herbert
Kemp, John
Knowles John
Lambton John Edward
Lawson George William
Lewins, F N
Lowery, Joseph

McCaffery, Francis
Millington Edward Jones
Molloy Joseph

Monks, Henry C
Paisley, William
Price, John
Prince G
Raymond Joseph
Richards Thomas Henry
Richardson, Joseph Sheldon
Richardson Ralph
Ross, Alexander

Rossiter Harry
Rossiter Thomas
Simpson Frederick
Simpson Nicholas
Smiles Edward William
Smith Ernest Anthony
Smith, Henry
Southgate Francis George
Stevens George
Stitt, Andrew
Storey John 13584
Storey John
Straughan Thomas
Swan Sidney
Tate Joseph William
Teed, John Joseph
Thompson Thomas Clark
Waggitt, John
Wakefield Frederick John
Wakefield Joseph
Walker, George
Walls George Adey
Welsh Michael

Wilkinson Samuel
Williams John
Wilson Robert
Wood William
Worthington John Ferguson
Wright William
Young Lishman


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