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Hetton Local and Natural History Society - articles and leaflets on Hetton

Police in Hetton and District

Collection of police notebooks showing each beat. Photographs of Police Stations. Hetton murder 1891.

Historical notes on the Police in Hetton District

Murder Hetton CLS Advertiser 1891a

Murder Hetton CLS Advertiser 1891b

Felonies and County Crime Associations

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Summary of Churches and Chapels in Hetton and Easington Lane by Shaun Newton

Link to photographs

Hetton Church History by F Smith

Hetton St Nicholas Church after 1901

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St Nicholas Parish Magazine 1933

St Nicholas Parish magazine 1948

Eppleton Parish Church All Saints

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All Saints Church History by Rev. J. Stephenson

An Aerial View of All Saints Church Eppleton 1972 - Information and photo provided by Mr. Martin Lewins

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Centenary Souvenir Handbook Union Street Methodist Church Hetton-le-Hole 1858-1958

Jubilee Souvenir of Easington Lane Primitive Methodist Church 1869 - 1919

Souvenir Booklet of the Centenary of Hetton Primitive Methodists 1823- 1923

A short history of the Parish of the District of Hetton Le Hole from 1200AD to 1981AD by F Smith MA (pdf 5.83mb)

UDC Hetton Medical Officer Report 1929 (pdf)

Cinemas and Theatres of Hetton

Working in Cinemas by Roger Dixon

View Internal Photographs of Pavilion Cinema

The Programme for Highwayman's Love

The Death Of Linden Travers 2001

Hetton Silver Band

A Brief History

The Downs Area of Eppleton

Map and explanation of the Downs area 1886

Hetton Tenants Handbook RS

West Rainton by Philip Ronan (8.4mb)

Hetton Gliding Reptile

Copt Hill Round Barrow Interim Report June 2003 by A F Harding

Visit of the Queen Mother to Hetton Boys Club in June 1963

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The Early Development of the Mining Communities of Hetton & Easington Lane

View Brickgarth

Built on Coal, Life in Easington Lane by J.R. Sanderson

Born of the Pit: The Story of the Brickgarth by J.R. Sanderson

Easington Lane:  In the Shadow of the Pit

by J.R.Sanderson

An Excert from Kelly's Directory for 1910

Hetton Heritage Trail 1986 Written by Class 15 Hetton Lyons Primary School

The Glenside Poem (jpg 529kb)

Hetton-Le-Hole: the genesis of a coalmining landscape 1770-1860 Michael Sill (pdf 4Mb)

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