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Ships and Shipbuilding:

Video Clips

Environmental Issues

Beam trawling in the North Sea targeting flat fish (mp4)

Overfishing issue (mp4)

Bycatch Movie (flv)

Exxon Valdez story - Why things went so wrong (flv)

Hazards of the shipwrecking trade (flv)

Oil spills in the Ocean and Oil pollution (flv)

Oil spill 'New Zealands Worst Disaster' keeps leaking (flv)

Shipbreakers in Gadanii Beach, Pakistan (flv)

Shipbreaking in Bangladesh (flv)

Ships face tougher environmental regulations at California Ports (flv)

Stop Overfishing! (flv)

Ship stuck on reef, leaks oil near New Zealand (flv)

What will become of Suisun Bay's 'Mothballed Fleet' (flv)

World's biggest shipbreaking yard (flv)

Rescues and Lifeboats

Bude Lifeboat crew in dramatic high-speed rescue of fisherman and runaway boat (flv)

Padstow Lifeboat rescues capsized yacht with 80-year old skipper (flv)

Penlee Lifeboat rescues yacht in bad weather (flv)

Perfect Storm rescue - Sea King Helicopter (flv)

Sailing Vessel sinks (mp4)

Ship Disasters

Big ship launches good and bad (flv)

Boat launches gone wrong (flv)

Fedra breaks in two in heavy seas (flv)

MV Fedra running aground in Gibraltar (flv)

Ship collides with bridge (flv)

Ship collision in port (flv)

Ship collision "Grand Rodosi" crushes "Apollo S" like a can (flv)

Two cruise ships collide (flv)

When ships collide (flv)

Worst disasters ever at sea!!!! (flv)

Container ship collision with tanker in Kiel Canal 2011 (mp4)







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