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Hetton Local and Natural History Society

aims of Hetton Local and Natural History Society

1. To advance the knowledge and education of people within the local community and beyond as to the heritage, history and social development of Hetton-le-Hole and the surrounding area, including Easington Lane, Moorsley and East Rainton.

2 To establish and maintain an archive containing artefacts, a photographic and audio re cord and documents relating to the local area and make this available to the local com munity.

3. Undertake and publish both first and second hand research in historical, social and related topics.

4. To preserve, protect, improve and develop the historical heritage of Hetton-le-Hole district for the public benefit.

NOTE. Most of the information found on this website is not subject to copyright. Private copying is permitted provided that a) the amount and proportion of the whole work taken is for sole use or educational purposes or b) following copying, distribution should not exceed 20 copies or c) copied material should not be used for commercial purposes or sold for material gain.
Copied material may be adapted provided it satisfies one of the conditions listed above (a), (b), or (c). Any exception to these conditions should be sought from Hetton Local History Group.

Due to lack of expertise and resources we, as a group are unable to conduct enquiries into local families and individuals on request.

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